In order to keep our service pledge towards our customers, no vehicle in our vehicle fleet is older than three years.

Vehicle TypeslotsDimensions
Caddy 1 Palett120x080x100 cm
Caddy 1 Palett120x115x110 cm
Bus 3 Paletts250x125x115 cm
Transporter5 Paletts420x135x175 cm
Transporter 6 Paletts460x135x175 cm
Transporter with lifting platform (aperture height 2,05m) 8 slots420x210x205 cm
Transporter (aperture height 2,20m) 8 slots420x200x220 cm
Transporter with lifting platform (aperture height 2,20m)8 slots430x230x220 cm
Transporter (aperture height 2,20m)10 slots480x210x220 cm
Trailer 5 slots335x170x175 cm
Trailer 6 slots410x180x210 cm
Trailer10 slots500x200x200 cm
Trailer 10 slots515x210x220 cm